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Polariscope Strain Viewer

‘TBG’ Polariscope is used to view the internal material stresses and material flow characteristics of PET preforms and containers. This is ideal for laboratory use and at-the-line preform and bottle inspection Defects in preform can be easily detected by using this equipment. When a preform is held parallel to viewing field colour pattern is seen known as isochromatic fringe. This indicates magnitude of the stresses introduced during moulding process. When a preform is held 45 deg to viewing field a coloured pattern known as isoclinic is seen, this indicates direction of stresses. ‘TBG’ Polariscope is used in the preform assembly to check the possible defect in the preforms. Take the precautions at the early stage would help a lot in cost cutting and time-saving. A defect chart is provided to understand these defects. We have many models of this machine and customise according to user requirements also.

Preform Thickness Tester

APPLICATION: Eccentricity Tester is useful to check the thickness of preforms or bottles. It is provided with digital gauge for more accurate measurements. With equipment of revolving type with zero tolerance eccentricity, making it must for laboratory based applications. These are used for verifying parameters of banana performs where it’s revolving mechanism allows for accurate checking of eccentricity and thickness of preform.

Preform Perpendicularity Tester

TBG Preform Perpendicularity Gauge verifies that the body of a preform is perpendicular to the finish surface. A rigid stand, designed to hold preforms in position for accurate measurement, permits quick and easy identification of bent or out-of-round preforms. This gauge comes complete with a high accuracy, digital readout with built-in port for serial communications. TBG Preform Perpendicularity Tester is a consistent tool that helps the manufacturer in testing the perpendicularity of PET preforms. It is based on the principle to test the accuracy of the shape and size of preforms. Reliable and simple to use

Preform Transparecy Tester

Measure range : 0-100% Resolution : 0.1 Accuracy : 0.2% Power supply : 230 V,50 Hz

Go NoGo Gauge

This gauges are useful for inspection of pet preforms neck. This is saves time required for inspection of preforms. Completely made from stainless steel material. Preform gauges Gauges for different neck sizes are available.
  • 1810
  • 1881
  • 29/25
  • 30/25
  • Alaska
Following sizes can be checked. Preform
  • Neck inside diameter.
  • Thread outside diameter.
  • Tamper ring diameter.
  • Tamper ring height.

Preform Cutter

Cutting Area 0-42mm dia Method of Cutting 1) Put off Metal stopper, open handle with two hands. 2) Put preform in the cutting blade area and start pressing slowly. 3) Repeat the operation till the preform is cut. Warning: 1) This product is made of metal. Please do not use in induction area because it will have electrical conduction. 2) The front part of blade is very sharp, anyway, please do not hold that part. 3) Please do not act any operation in the working area, especially to note the children, pets, moreover, should put on the helmet, anti-dust glasses, glove etc. for protecting yourself. Please do not stand on the roof you and unstable place where you are using this product. 4) Please Do not let your hand close to the brake because it will clam your hand. 5) Please close the blade part after using in order to prevent metal stopper from choke when opening. Besides, Please keep out of reach of children. Note 1) Please do not neglect the above mentioned purpose and specification when using. 2) Before using, Please check the screws are loosened or not, the parts are damaged or not. To use it after assuring everything is correct.

Moisture Analyzer

Combining Speed and Precision in One Moisture Analyzer – Test More Samples in Less Time The MB95’s halogen heating system distributes heat uniformly over the sample and speeds up the drying process — delivering fast and precise measurements. Designed for tool-free cleaning, the MB95’s components can be easily removed for quick and easy maintenance. Operating the MB95 is intuitive with the icon-driven menu navigation on the touchscreen display