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  • Container Type : 28mm PCO Pet bottle (other sizes available on request.)
  • Dia of bottle 200mm height 400mm / 3 ltrs.
  • Output on analog Pressure gauge / digital / touch screen as per model.
  • Robust design for reliability ensures long service life.
  • Requires 7 bar inlet air for operating system
  • Pressure Booster generates pressure up to 0 - 300 PSI.
  • Stainless steel design ensures the durability of tester
  • 230 V AC Single phase supply for bursting test.
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PET Bottle Burst Tester is specialized test equipment for testing the internal pressure resistance of PET bottles. Users can choose the test method basing on their requirement. It is capable to test the capacity of resilience under certain pressure or the rupture test of the PET bottle.


It consists of a chamber which consists of simple bottle neck holder.

A thick polycarbonate sheet is fixed on door which enables to view test with proper safety.

Operating Method
1. A bottle is filled with water and held in a fixture which has simple mechanical locking arrangement.
2. Timer is set as per requirement.
3. Test button is pressed.
4. Pressurizing nozzle is moved down on bottle neck by pneumatic cylinder.
5. Solenoid valve in pressure line also opens and bottle is pressurized.
6. After completion of time system stops automatically.
The tester can be set to perform "time-holding resistance" tests at set pressure & time period according to requirement of bottle specifications. Custom operating procedure can be provided on request.