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  • Dual heating mode saves energy and extends the life of wires
  • Adjustable supports for bottles during the cutting process
  • Graduated rulers allow accurate positioning of wires
  • Power supply: 220 VAC / 50Hz
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TBG Hot Wire Jar Cutter offers an easy and cost saving way for cutting 20 Ltrs. Bottle for section weight analysis. A clean section without deformation will be obtained by a quick cutting of bottles through heated hot wires. A precision and repeatable cutting task is easy to achieve and it’s necessary for a proper analysis.

With TBG, a PET bottle could be cut up to 4 predetermined sections, each section will be checked to ensure that it conforms to the exact weight assigned.

Cutting method manual.
Made from Extruded Aluminium sections.
Stainless steel Bottle base
Poly carbonate side windows
Aluminium composite plastic sheet back
MS Powder coated control panel with variable power supply
Linear motion rail with bearing for cutting frame movement.
Scale on both sides for adjusting wire to cutting points
Tensioner compensation mechanism for wire
Bottle cut with accuracy
Rapid warming the wires
Energy saving design
Cutting up to 20 L bottle
Excellent repeatability
Preheating Mode / Cut Mode (heating max)