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Preform Cutter

Quick Info

Method of Cutting

1) Put off metal stopper, open handle with two hands.

2) Put preform in the cutting blade area and start pressing slowly.

3) Repeat the opration till preform is cut.

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a. This product is made of metal. Please do not use in induction area because it will have electrical conduction.

b. The front part of blade is very sharp, anyway, please do not hold that part.

c. Please do not act any operation in the working area, especilly to note the children, pets, moreover, you should put on the helmet, anti-dust glasses glove etc, for protectin yourself. Please do not stand on the roof and unstable place whare you are using this product.

d. Please do not let your hand close to the brake because it will clam your hand.

e. Please close the blade part after using in order to prevent metal stopper from choke when opening. Besides, Please keep out of reach of children.

1) Please do not neglect the above mentioned purpose and specification when using.
2) Before using, Please check the screws are loosned or not, the parts are damaged or not. To use it after assuring everything is correct.