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Perpendicularity Tester

Quick Info

  • M.S. Powder coated base
  • Maximum preform length = 190mm
  • Range 0 – 10mm Digital Display
  • Resolution of 0.01mm with digital indication
  • Gauge Make = Mitutoyo
  • Can be used for different neck sizes and height with change parts.
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TBG Preform Perpendicularity Gauge verifies that the body of a preform is perpendicular to the finish surface. A rigid stand, designed to hold preforms in position for accurate measurement, permits quick and easy identification of bent or out-of-round preforms. This gauge comes complete with a high accuracy, digital readout with built-in port for serial communications.

TBG Preform Perpendicularity Tester is a consistent tool that helps the manufacturer in testing the perpendicularity of PET preforms. It is based on the principle to test the accuracy of the shape and size of preforms. Reliable and simple to use

Optimum functionality
Easy and accurate readout
Comes with Zero Tolerance
Adjustable measurement operations
Repeatability in test measurements of preforms
Longer functional life